Anthony Dale Farr

HARRISVILLE, W.Va. – Anthony Dale Farr, 34, formerly of Harrisville, is scheduled to be sentenced in Harrison County Circuit Court April 1 by Judge Thomas A. Bedell, on a charge of fraudulent schemes.

Farr pled guilty to the charge per a plea agreement. According to reports, Farr said he was “abusing Irish whiskey” when he skimmed money from a business between March and May of 2019, but he “didn’t believe that was a factor” in his actions.

Per the plea agreement, Farr will pay restitution to Hughes River Land Management in the amount of $8,540.

He also must pay court costs.

Assistant Prosecutor Gina Snuffer agreed to stand silent at sentencing, and defense attorney Susan Morris can request alternative sentencing.

In 2017, Farr was charged in Ritchie County with a felony, obtaining property in return for a worthless check.

His employer at the time, Tioga Resources, had advanced money to the defendant, with the understanding it would be paid back in a reasonable time.

Farr then reportedly wrote a worthless check to Crystal A. Loughney, President of that company, for $5,000 to repay the loan.

The defendant, who now lives in Doddridge County, was the subject of a criminal complaint in Ritchie County in 2019. In March and May of 2019, Farr allegedly cashed two checks made out to his former employer, Hughes River Land Services, LLC. The defendant had been terminated from employment there in January.

The checks were issued in payment for services rendered.

Video from the bank showed Anthony Farr was the individual who cashed the checks.

Farr and his wife, Cori A. Kuhn Farr, were also defendants in a lawsuit brought in Ritchie County in 2018 by Cynthia A. Torbeck and her attorneys, Windom Law Offices PLLC.

The Farrs had purchased a house at 501 East Main Street in Harrisville from Torbeck through a Deed of Trust, and were reportedly several months behind in payments.

On September 12, 2018, the house caught fire, causing extensive damage.

Despite their investigator finding the fire may have been deliberately set, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company issued a check jointly to the Farrs and Torbeck, as lienholder, for almost $118,000.

The Deed of Trust signed by the parties stated any insurance payout was to go toward repairs or to pay down the money owed to the lienholder.

In spite of the check requiring three signatures, the Farrs and Torbeck, Farr alone endorsed it “for deposit only,” and placed the funds into his personal account at BB&T Bank in Fairmont.

The account was quickly drained, before Torbeck and her attorneys could file a restraining order freezing the account.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, social media posts showed that the misappropriated funds may have been spent for a Michael Bublé concert in Pittsburgh, a visit to a resort, vehicles and private school tuition.

In February of 2020, Third Circuit Judge Tim Sweeney awarded judgment of the entire $117,000 to Torbeck. BB&T paid $90,000 to settle the case against them for improperly cashing the check. An additional $6,000 was recovered from attaching the Farrs’ bank account.

On January 27, 2021, Farr pled guilty in Monongalia County Circuit Court to obtaining money under false pretenses.

He was sentenced to one to 10 years in jail, suspended for five years on probation.

In addition, plaintiffs in a civil suit related to the case were awarded $14,000 (Scott C’s Auto Outlet), and $16,854 (City National Bank).

Another suit in that jurisdiction was filed against Farr and Hughes River Land Services, LLC, in 2019 by Carl Werne.

The court found in favor of the plaintiff, and awarded them $13,333.33, plus interest.

A conviction for fraudulent schemes in this latest case could net Farr from one to 10 years in jail or, in the discretion of the court, he could be confined in jail not more than one year and be fined not more than $2,500.

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