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PENNSBORO, W.Va. — Everett C. Headley, 70, Pennsboro, was charged with fleeing while DUI on July 13.

Dep. N. D. Mossor, Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department, was assisting officers on another call, when he heard over the radio that the fire department was requested at 7-Eleven in Pennsboro for a male who fell and hit his head.

Central Communications then advised that the victim left in his vehicle, and appeared to be very intoxicated. He was traveling West on U.S. Rt. 50.

The fire department was following the truck with lights on until law enforcement could arrive.

Mossor spotted the procession near the intersection of Bunnells Run Road. Headley was driving a silver Toyota Tacoma pickup, which started to pull over, then continued driving on the berm before re-entering the highway.

Law enforcement activated lights and siren, and followed behind at a top speed of 50 mph.

A civilian truck got in front of the defendant, slowing him down and not allowing him to pass.

As Dep. T. M. Justice joined the pursuit, the driver pulled over. Headley refused to exit the vehicle, and was forcibly removed.

Due to the driver’s head and ankle injuries from the fall at 7-Eleven, only limited field sobriety tests could be performed.

There was an open can of Bud Light in the console, an open carton on the floor, and 11 empty cans in the back seat.

A preliminary breath test yielded a result of 0.216 percent alcohol, and a later Intoximeter test yielded 0.175 percent.

Headley was arrested and released on a $500 surety bond.

If convicted, he faces a fine from $1,000 to $2,000 and/or one to five years in jail.