Kevin Hale Richards

HARRISVILLE, W.Va. – Kevin H. Richards, 32, Grantsville, was arrested on a charge of receiving/transferring stolen property after an investigation by West Virginia State Police into a stolen dirt bike.

Sr. Tpr. J. T. Blevins responded to a home on Staunton Turnpike, where he found the bike, along with two other stolen vehicles.

John K. Roberts told the officer he bought the bike from someone named “Ace” for $1,500, and picked it up at the home of Amanda Testerman in Leatherbark, after she sent messages to him asking if he was interested in it.

Roberts and his girlfriend, Lacey Heiden, gave a statement saying that “Ace” was Kevin Richards. He stopped by their house with the bike and attempted to sell it to them.

Heiden replied that Roberts wasn’t home, but she would pass along the message.

Roberts later purchased the bike from Richards. It had been painted black, and the VIN plate had been scratched out and painted over.

The bike was identified as one that was stolen from Jose Clinton.

The owner was able to identify it by several distinguishing marks.

Richards was arrested and released on a $15,000 cash/surety bond.

A preliminary hearing will be held Sept. 22 at 3 p.m.

He will be represented by Attorney Jordan West.