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The NFC championship game was the hard-fought game that everyone expected it would be.  It was a defensive struggle. Surprisingly, both quarterbacks threw several interceptions. 

Veteran quarterback Tom Brady led his team, the Buccaneers, to victory. He has played in eight Super Bowls, winning five.  

Many people are not Tom Brady fans, but I cannot help but cheer for the 43-year-old. He has defied the odds of his age and is playing great. He is a proven winner. He has class.  

I really enjoyed the television show I watched that Peyton Manning hosts.  Tom Brady was on the show and the viewers had the opportunity to see him off the field in a different aspect of his life. 

The Peyton Manning show can be viewed on ESPN+. Another show I really enjoyed watching is The Bradshaw Bunch. Terry Bradshaw is hilarious and the show evolves around his family. 

The WVSSAC has released the winter and spring sports timelines. Everyone has their own thoughts about the schedules. It will be hard for the athletes and coaches who will be playing those sports, as the two seasons overlap.  

This pandemic has definitely been trying for everyone.  We are surviving and that is all we can do. I try and focus on the positives each day. We are always going to be dealt trying times in our lives, how we decide to approach those adversities is important. 

Stay positive and keep a good attitude. Swinging a golf club outside in warmer weather is getting closer each day!