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About Us

What is The Ritchie Gazette?

The Gazette is a Ritchie County, West Virginia based newspaper focusing on Ritchie and surrounding counties providing news, sports, weather, editorial, lifestyle articles of interest to area readers.  

The Ritchie Gazette hosts the The Ritchie Gazette E-Edition, which along with the above mentioned content offers bonus content to subscribers, such as long form articles and video content.

We have an active Facebook account.

Who owns The Ritchie Gazette?

The Ritchie Gazette is owned by Susan Zorn, through The Ritchie Gazette Newspaper, LLC.

How is The Ritchie Gazette funded?

The Ritchie Gazette revenue comes from our subscribers and advertisers.

How can I work for The Ritchie Gazette?


How can I support The Ritchie Gazette?

You can support The Ritchie Gazette by becoming a subscriber or advertiser (or both!) today.